A Selfologist Against Himself
Sunday, November 30
I really hope that this starting point on writing for learning goes by and don't stop any more it would help in my life to experience the new world

learning english
There is a great idea comes over me in my mind about learning English that was totally interesting, that now it's going to be more practical ,I'm working on it to elaborate it but it goes around sifting concept through my mind in a circle that can get a word's meaning in the situation and give the same situation this word.
maybe it's not a new one and it's just the one who our teacher Mrs. D taught us but now it made perfectly sense and that was the point .
I really learned many thing from her but I should work more on this idea to describe it.

reading the thoughts
We ( I with Mr. And Mrs. D) were walking throught restaurant and at that time Mrs. D was talking about brand new computers that have been brought for the student . She was admiring the PC's nice view and expressing how beautiful their looking were .
In myself I was thinking about s.th when I do this I keep quiet but for responding I describe some of my information on that computers.
At launch I bent my neck at just stared at the foot and kept eating and silence , this was not my general situation ( being quiet like this) for she this was a little bit strange .
It seems to me , if my logic went on the right way , that she thought her appreciating made me upset ( because I've brought computers for them too) and that was the reason of being not-talking but for me the whole story was in another was.
Then she opened a dialog with me and told me how nice our purchase ( buying some tape recorder) was and the quality of the film I've changed to view, was so clear.
maybe my story was not the true one of what happened in that 10 min in her mind but there was a question in mind and that was , why she should see it that was ?
It was just doesn't matter , I didn't care about the appreciating and I didn't want to relate it to our purchase but what was important was the consequences of such a thought that could make things worse .
By consequences I mean this way of thinking will block the critiquing dialog between us.

Monday, November 24
Today's morning was a nice one. one of the gang of most noisy student in class cames through me and at all of the class he wanted to be with me and show me that he like me , I really was so suprized about it he even didn't want to stay a second in class and listen to me but now he always want to ask me about the lesson to stay close to me .
I felt so self-steam because I thought the process went in correct way .

Sunday, November 23
There are sometimes like tonight that is terrible . I really feel disappointment and a little bit frustrated, it seems to me that nothing goes well, in a better word there is nothing to proud of and to love . it looks like a big losing.
I'm seating here in front of my computer and staring at this damn screen but in my heart I feel ice and stone , I feel I can't even get up and go to bed.

Thursday, November 20
wait a moment

how nice it would be if...


Wednesday, November 19
hi this is just for test
i would like to know what will happen

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