A Selfologist Against Himself
Sunday, February 13
behind a tree, beyond a tree

here is so old so it's so wise! don't come in here questions have different answer!!

Saturday, February 12
A friend of mine and I were out for 2 times, with our camera, trying to capture our reflections in outside! I mean trying to shoot and find something intresting, some of them you saw here,
after taking about 200-300 photos I asked dad to come here on the screen and see them, I was watching him when he was watching the computer and seeing my pix, he didn't show any sort of inthusiasm or intrest, seemed to me that standing just for 2 min was as hard as holding a 2000000 kg wieght! I don't know maybe if I want to be honest this way of considering things around is a usual way in his life, he try to express something to tell me I AM listening or considering but actually I can't feel that, and you know I believe in my feeling!
so, as usuall he wasn't so intrest, but this time, he said ironicly : we bought this to shoot such pictures! and he meant that what the hell are these! I was angry enought to cut showing my photos and thanks him to come!!
maybe right now that I'm writing these lines I'm in a not good mood to write even a line, but actually I can't tolerate what he said and you know what?! I payed half of it's money.
who cares I continue my wandering around with my camera and don't give up.

Friday, February 11
What's going on above my head when the snow is all over around!

I really like it! I really like the old pine, that knows everything and understand every thing!

try it!

I wish I could fly

a mosque in tehran, I was out with my camera in a snowy day

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