A Selfologist Against Himself
Saturday, December 10
I can't see far away in the sky buldings are hiding and seems that the air is grey, well all of us are saying it's polluted and seems also that people are waiting for a rain or even a wind,

while I'm writing this I'm thinking, although mom and dad are talking about the air and although freinds are seems so concern on the issue, and although schools went off for 5 days and news are all about how dirty the air is. and although so and so but


I myself not, my father? no! cause he's going at work! mom also, freinds too,...
I'm still thinking...

Tuesday, December 6
In my comments :
"I'm an italian boy and I know only one thing about your country: the lack of freedom. And the reason of this blog is the aggregation of all your words. Me and others will publish here your important messages to make you know in Italy. If you want to partecipate in this instrument of freedom, you can write a comment here with the link of your blogs.

You give us your words and we give you visibility.
Excuse my english...
Walter GiannĂ²"

Who the hell are you "Walter" to give me voice and visibility?!, who the hell are you to give me my freedom?!, How do you know that there's not freedom here when you don't know anything about Iran?!,

If someone wants to give me my freedom or voice that's the begining of a process of oppresion he or she going to start with, such an opressive thought would never let me to be myself , and wants me to be his own meaning of freedom ..

freedom is something inside and I and only I have to make it and actually find it, Freedom is something that I'm going to consturc not to get from someone that would give me whenever he wants and not whenever he doesn't want!!

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